Of Stars and Dreams (2009)

Above her bed sat plastic star that faintly glows in the dark. The moon and the stars are her personal deities. She can remember gazing out at the window at the mysterious beauties while riding home from town with the family. She has always felt centered at night. Her life seemed less abnormal when she peered into the night sky. There are many mystical moments that comes to mind when she thinks about the night sky.

She’s restless tonight. She feels like she is denying denying herself a wonderful adventure by not falling into the dream realm. She had forced herself to wake up from nightmare this particular morning. She tends to dwell on her subconscious adventures because occasionally and coincidentally these adventures would formulate as precognitive dreams. Its not a superpower and it doesn’t happen on demand. Its like deja vu, except small details and valid recollection of the dreams.

She stopped to take a break from studying for finals to watch a scene from her childhood favorite movie. Then returned to her previous thoughts about the stars. Peering out the window to the stars she felt a sense of understanding of who she needed to be. For the first time in ages she felt hopeful again.

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