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Tiny Update.

I’ve been preoccupied with the real world. Oh yeah I get easily bored with something so the prompt format that I was following and have decided to go a different direction. I think I’m going to work on some solid character developing skills to create a strong main character(s) for a new set of short stories. 🙂

Writing Prompts Day 8

  1. A moment you felt most satisfied with your life: The moment when I completed my Confirmation to the Catholic Church. I grew up always wanting to be Catholic because my Aunt and her family was catholic. I also had an issue with being yelled at by the pastors at the many of Protestant churches did. So last Easter completing the rite of confirmation was fulfilling a childhood hearts desire which as an adult seeing your childhood dream become a reality and completed would be one of the mos ultimate satisfaction.
  2. Three things you want to say to different people: 1) Chris; its okay I’ve moved on with my life. I’d rather not have to see you. After everything you out me through I have recovered but I no longer want to know you. I’m a better person because of what we went through. 2) Deborah G; I used to look up to because of your free spirit and what I believe to be a kind heart. I struggle with your decision to the flow of other people and hate me, despite that thought I will always think of you with a fondness though. Your a very unique person with a free spirit. 3) Aimee; I’m sorry that I lost your friendship, despite it was because in my opinion you were being a total bitch. Some time people go through their things. You were awesome to hang out with and in plenty of way I think you were a good influence on me. I hope that you know I look at our memories with a special fondness.
  3. Imagine you are unable to leave the room you are in for the next 7 days. Chronicle each of the seven days, using only 50 words for each: Day 1 –  So I am here stuck in my living room and kitchen. I’m very luck that both rooms are together so I have the convenience of comfort, entertainment and food. I worry though how I will manage to use the restroom. This is probably going to be the longest week ever. Day 2 – So today I laid around and watched some television. I also played some Super Mario brothers on the Wii. I was careful not to drink or eat very much as going to the bathroom is going to be an almost impossible thing to do. Two days down only five to go. Day 3 – The cats woke me up early this morning. They are getting restless being stuck in this room. I’m a little jealous that they have the means to relieve themselves. I have to admit that the cats are not the only ones who are getting restless in this room. Day 4 – I woke up this morning with Penny cuddling and purring. I made eggs and steak for breakfast. I hate to say that the urge to use the restroom got extremely painful this evening, I was in tears it hurt so bad. Without doubt I can’t wait until I can leave.  Day 5 – This is kind of nice. I slept most of the day and then watched the most interesting movie on Netflix I could find since I have been constantly bringing on the same television show episode after episode repeatedly since I was put in here. I only have two days left. Day 6 – I have today and one more day left until I am able to get out of this room and explore the real world again! Same routine today as every day. I watched television, made some food, ate, then hung out with the cats. I have never slept so much. Day 7 – This has been the slowest moving day all week. I can not believe that at the stroke of midnight I will be free. I did however decided to listen to some music and meditate on all of the things that I have learned about myself in the past seven days.

Writing Prompts Day 7

  1. Your favorite childhood toys: Most of my childhood memories that involve playing with toys include either the Fisher Price little people and barbies. I loved to have the opportunity play out peoples lives, marriages, having children, deaths, etc… as an adult I’ve considered it a “God complex” despite the actual definition of the God complex. As an adult I enjoy playing games where I control the lives of people. I’m a huge “Sims” fanatic… I haven’t put it on my computer since I fixed it, however I do own several different expansion packs. So… that is my nerd status.
  2. Do you read? What are your favorite books: Yes, I love to read.. with that I have several different books that I enjoy. My all time favorite is “Running With Scissors”… its a wild autobiography that when I read it I feel less abnormal. I loved reading the Daughter of the Moon series. I’m currently reading The Pretty Little Liars series. I love random adventures and possible mythological style stories. While I have to be honest, I tend to enjoy the more easy read genres that tend to seem more High School Level.
  3. The object on your left just turned into the object on your right. Write 250 words or a 25-line poem about your reaction: To the left of me is a pillow, to the right of me is my laptop case. If the case turned into the the pillow I would start to question my sobriety. Since the items are not very dramatic I would think that I switched them out and forgot about it. I used to get high on a daily basis and things switching places while you are high is nothing unusual. I have also been extremely drunk to the point that misplacing object would go rather unnoticed. If  in the odd occurrence or random chance that I witnessed the laptop case turn into the pillow I would be rather confused and yet amazed. I would be convinced that I had been slipped some kind of hallucinate drug such as LSD or Mushrooms. I would try my best to make it history repeat itself by trying to make it happen again. I’m not a huge believer in telekinesis but in the chances that it changed before my eyes I would be convinced that me or someone else around me was blessed with the amazing ability to transform or move objects around. However, the best possible explanation would be that I was intoxicated and the objects were changed while I was not looking. Science and common knowledge can pretty much out rule that telekinesis is to be accredited for the the object turning into a pillow or switching places. However I no longer get intoxicated or high the only real explanation would be that I switched the object and forgot about it.

Writing Prompts Day 6

  1. My zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality: My zodiac sign in Leo and once upon a time when I was really into the New Age and Paganism scene I thought that it fit my personality quite well. However, upon to converting to the Catholic Church I had to choose to give up my interest into astrology as it is a form of fortune telling.
  2. What band or musician is more important to you: This one is a very hard and complex question as I don’t just have one musician that I am extremely fond of. When I was a teenager I was obsessed with Kurt Cobain from Nirvana because his music was raw, absolutely random lyrics that in an odd way I felt like I related to. Then I went through a phase of being obsessed with Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd during my early 20’s when I was really into getting high all the time. And during that time I was able to just get trapped into the music the lyrics fit the phase I was going through and instrumentals was very calms.While I was at Job Corps I used to fall  asleep listening to the Dark Side of the Moon album. Wish You Were Here was another amazing album. I’ve always been very against the was so The Wall was very relatable when it came to my feelings towards the war and it also fit the phase in which I was getting into the conspiracy theories… and the album fit my mindset towards it all.
  3. Write a poem (12 rhyming lines) about getting increasingly drunk:

The tab we pop

Shots we will swap

Dance to hip hop

Enjoying the bop

Be careful not to drop

Loosing at the flop

Someone climbs to the top

Another jumps missing the clock

But landing with a plop

Vomit in the kitchen, get the mop

Someone shouts stop

Its over busted by the cops

Writing Pompts Day 5

  1. My favorite comfort food and why: I am an emotional eater so food alone provides comfort for me. If I had to choose one specific food that provided comfort for me it would be cheese. Cheese has many different tastes, textures, and over all styles. Cheese goes with almost anything. You can mix and match cheese with almost anything. When I was in high school I would randomly say “I love cheese”…. and I do love cheese. Its delicious.
  2. Five places I want to visit: 1) London – The heart of the British Isles! 2) The Vatican in Rome – the heart of my religion! 3) Pakistan – If it wasn’t such a high risk. Its the land in which my most favorite person is from. I’d love to see the land of his family 4) Seychelles – Its an island, its not overly popular and its totally random, I also adore the flag. 5) Palestine – I’d love to visit the Holy Land but by the actual natives of the land.
  3. Write a conversation (in chat format) about a man who calls a wrong number, and ends up talking to an angry woman. Through the conversation, ending with the line: “well, I suppose so.”:


“Um hello, I’m sorry I’m trying to reach the Johnson’s my daughter said she would be staying the night.”

“I highly doubt it, your calling for him. You’re trying to find us. He will never hurt me again!”

“Ma’am, are you okay?”

“I’d be much better if you goons would leave me alone.”

“I’m not trying to bother you. I promise I am just trying to locate my daughter. I don’t mean any harm!”

“I don’t believe you. Just please, please, please let me get on with my life. I hate him. He’s not going to hurt me ever again.”

“Ma’am I’m not a part of what ever you have going on in your life. I’m only worried about contacting my daughter.”

“So your really not interested in my decision?”

“No ma’am! I’m just concerned with finding my daughter. I think I dialed the wrong number. I’m looking for  my daughter is supposed to be staying all night with her friend. My wife was just in a car accident and I need to find my daughter. I promise that I am not trying to find or hurt you.”

“I’m sorry to be so hostile. I’ve been getting so many phone calls from people who work for the man who attacked me. Now I’m pregnant. I’m so scared I don’t know what to do I’m sorry for being hostile and I’m sorry for burdening you with my problems, when you have problems of your own.”

“….. I don’t know what would do in your situation. I advise you to change your phone number and talk to a lawyer about protection options. I’m really sorry that you have to go through all of that and I’ll pray for you. I just need to get a hold of my daughter..”

“I’ve already changed my number several times. I don’t know how they keep getting it. I’m so sorry for being hostile. Thanks for being nice..”

“You’re welcome. Keep your head up, it can’t stay bad.”

“Well, I suppose so. Bye”

Writing Prompts Day 4

  1. My views on religion: I believe that religion can be considered  beautiful thing. It can always be used to breed hate and intolerance towards others. I am a recent convert to the Catholic church because for many years and most of my life I have been amazed by this religion. I was raised in a protestant house hold that called themselves Baptist. I can remember many times growing up being scared of Church… I hated getting up and going to church. I spent many years drifting around a a self proclaimed pagan. As of last year I was feeling the tug in my heart to head home, back to the “Christian” roots. However I did end up among a hypocritical Zionist cult at first… I made may way to the Catholic faith. I realize the brutal and simply unjust history of the church, and I believe that history along is part of the reason I am so intrigued.  Many of your protestant churches teach hate, intolerance, and fear of people who are not like them. Mainly Muslims. I own a copy of the Quran and I find it very beautiful… the Quran is on of my most favorite positions. I like how since completing the catechism classes and confirmation that I feel free. Going to confession is still intimidating to me but walking out of the confessional and completing penance is one of the most peaceful and whole feelings I have ever felt.  So depending on how you your religious beliefs… it holds the possibility to be
  2. The meaning behind my screen name: This one is rather simple. ak234am. The letters A and K are my initials. 234am is the time my father told me I was born. I like to keep is unique but simple.
  3. Write 250 words about the next piece of dialogue you hear: “Nanny, How do you spell about?” – I think it is fantastic to hear children interested in trying to learn. I remember being a child and learning how to spell words. I hated spelling and never tried to excel. Looking back over my blogs and notice how I didn’t grasp even the most simple spelling an grammar. As I read up to the more recent blog entries I sincerely impress myself. My grasp on words and spelling dramatically increased. I have often been complimented on having an extended vocabulary and I’m not entirely sure how that came about considering that I grew up refusing homework and basic English fundamentals. However I have always been a writer and had an active imagination. I suppose reading more advanced and complex books helped me get to the point of having a better vocabulary. In my older blog I didn’t use words with their proper spelling and definition. One prime example is the word “which”… I was writing in the tense of specific where the correct spelling would be “which” but in older entries specifically the ones from my high school days I used the spelling “witch”. That specific spelling is proper for a woman who is believe to have evil or magical powers, a witch is a common and popular Halloween Costume theme. There is a huge difference. Its a prime example of how knowing and utilizing proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling can be extremely beneficial. I am not a huge fan of the English language and using the proper fundamentals when it comes to writing and speaking.