Writing Prompts Day 1

  1. Current Relationship: I’m currently in a physical state of single. However, I am committed to an awesome person virtually. I some times feel insecure with a virtual relationship but even though it may never work out at least I have this experience. He’s an amazing person who has been there for me through a lot of ups and downs. I’m not always as patient as I wish I was with him but he never fails me. We butt heads some times and I find it more amusing than actually get angry with him. I live in a day and age where physical appearance is everything and the soul is taken for granted… although we do exchange photos and video chat, so he knows my physical state and still chooses me. Its flattering. I’m at a point in my life where it is best to wait it out to see where this goes. I’m okay with accepting that I may just end up alone with cats for the rest of my days. Waiting is something too many people aren’t okay with or even able to do, I find waiting this out sensible. As good things come to those who wait,. This culture is too overly sexual. I value the tradition of modesty! I
  2. Basic Things About Myself: Well, I have blue eyes. I live in the United States. I don’t like to be compared to the average person who considers themselves “American”. I have three awesome fur babies. I’m struggling with over coming the addiction of gossip which is absolutely embarrassing to admit but hey admitting is the first step right? I have one sibling who is out of the picture for a while… sadly. A lot of people find it gross but I love the taste of onions. My favorite color is blue. I’m obsessed with the Arthurian Legends and the British Isles. My favorite number is 333, which is apparently odd to a lot of people. I like to sleep in the dark in extremely cold temperatures (its November and my air conditioner is still on). I love learning about History despite the fact that I never paid attention in school.
  3. Put your play list on shuffle. Write 250 words about the first and last lines of the very next song that plays: Tears by Rufio. This song in itself is a reminder of being young. A teenage crush and realizing that things will never be as they are in my delusional dream.Β  “I sit and hear you sleep, I don’t want to go, you’re there beside me, but you’re so far away, I talk to you while you’re asleep, you can’t hear a word..you can hear everything” – This is this the first line of the song… to me it is about a person watching a loved one sleep right before an inevitable separation and talking to them, expressing feelings and thought to their sleeping loved one that they can’t express when both are awake. I imagine that perhaps this could be a couple of high school sweethearts who are getting ready to leave to go off to college or something of that romantic bittersweet genre. “Tears are feelings we can’t say, tears mean that you care, tears are mixed emotions, tears are more than tears” – This is the last line of the song I actually have these lyrics on the front of a journal of mine. These lyrics say to me that when you cry its not just the stinging stream of tears, that some times its okay to cry and not know how to express yourself verbally. In my scenario of the departing couple I believe these lines are saying that even though they can’t express in words how they feel their tears is a symbol of how this is tearing them apart on the inside and that the tears they are shedding due to this even are more than just tears, its their way of expression.

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