Writing Prompts Day 3

  1. My top 5 pet peeves:  This is going to be extremely fun! 1) People who think they are always right. If you are in a debate or discussion and you have any spark of doubt on a topic please don’t let your pride get the best of you. Arguing against something knowing that you are possibly wrong only makes you look ignorant and arrogant. 2) Discrimination and bigotry. Humanity has every potential to be beautiful but if will never be if we can’t just sit back and appreciate each others differences and uniqueness instead of hating each other. There is nothing about another person that makes one better than the other. Wars are not only a result of corporate greed but also bigotry and hate based on selfish and superficial needs. 3) Continuous rap music. I’m okay with listening to rap occasionally… the beats are fun and some times the lyrics have the ability to speak to me. However I can’t stand to listen to a lot of rap repeatedly it for whatever reason it increases my anxiety and makes me very nervous. 4) Crying children. Okay this one is going to make me sound like a horrible person but I cannot stand the sound of crying children. I can’t stand parents who spoil their toddlers to the point that I am forced to listen to them scream and cry. Even little babies crying can get under my skin. This is one of those things that makes me feel like I’d make a horrible parent. 5) Mouthy people. The kind of people who don’t know when to just keep their mouth shut. If we are out in public and I’ve told you about an issue with another person it does not help to see or hear you remind me of how you have my back. If I have told you a secret please don’t think it is okay for you make hints or any kind of awkward jesters about it in public or other social settings its rather annoying and makes me think that you are immature.
  2. My day in great detail: I slept most of the day. I did wake up at 9:30 this morning and called my dad. I begged him to come down here, of course it was jokingly. Then I called my mom and chatted with her. I called to randomly tell James (my cat Penny’s father) good morning since I generally only talk to him during the day. Then I went back to sleep…. I slept until 2:30 pm… realized what time it was and that I’d slept through my plans with Christine. I had also got an email from my job about schedules of course I’m laid off so none of them were for me. I got up used the rest room. I grabbed a slice of bread out of the refrigerator then sat down on my couch watched and episode of The Munsters.while typing up yesterdays journal entry, since I worked on Sunday and spent last night getting my blog set up and updated for Sundays entry before I went to bed at 2am. After finishing the journal I left to go get a Big Red 2 liter from Save A Lot but ended up driving to the Amish salvage grocery store where I bought a think of chips, bag of chocolate chips, and a bottle of hot sauce. I ate some of the chips and chocolate chips on my way home, got home put my food away and snacked on the chips a little. I put on the television show Revenge that I’ve been watch and started this entry. Since starting I’ve taken some breaks snacking on food and preheating the oven, preparing the chicken and putting it in the oven. Now I’m typing away on this…
  3. Write a 15-step list titled “How to be      “:

How to be a cat lady.

  • Step 1 – Get a pet cat.
  • Step 2 – Name your cat.
  • Step 3 – Buy a cat food.
  • Step 4 – Buy a food dish
  • Step 5 – Buy a water dish.
  • Step 6 – Buy a litter box.
  • Step 7 – Buy a little scoop.
  • Step 8 – Buy some cat toys.
  • Step 9 – Talk baby talk to your cat.
  • Step 10 – Cradle your cat like a baby.
  • Step 11 – Talk about your cat non-stop.
  • Step 12 – Give your cat a nick-name.
  • Step 13 – Treat your cat like a child.
  • Step 14 – Get another pet cat.
  • Step 15 – Repeat steps 1 – 14.

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