Writing Prompts Day 4

  1. My views on religion: I believe that religion can be considered  beautiful thing. It can always be used to breed hate and intolerance towards others. I am a recent convert to the Catholic church because for many years and most of my life I have been amazed by this religion. I was raised in a protestant house hold that called themselves Baptist. I can remember many times growing up being scared of Church… I hated getting up and going to church. I spent many years drifting around a a self proclaimed pagan. As of last year I was feeling the tug in my heart to head home, back to the “Christian” roots. However I did end up among a hypocritical Zionist cult at first… I made may way to the Catholic faith. I realize the brutal and simply unjust history of the church, and I believe that history along is part of the reason I am so intrigued.  Many of your protestant churches teach hate, intolerance, and fear of people who are not like them. Mainly Muslims. I own a copy of the Quran and I find it very beautiful… the Quran is on of my most favorite positions. I like how since completing the catechism classes and confirmation that I feel free. Going to confession is still intimidating to me but walking out of the confessional and completing penance is one of the most peaceful and whole feelings I have ever felt.  So depending on how you your religious beliefs… it holds the possibility to be
  2. The meaning behind my screen name: This one is rather simple. ak234am. The letters A and K are my initials. 234am is the time my father told me I was born. I like to keep is unique but simple.
  3. Write 250 words about the next piece of dialogue you hear: “Nanny, How do you spell about?” – I think it is fantastic to hear children interested in trying to learn. I remember being a child and learning how to spell words. I hated spelling and never tried to excel. Looking back over my blogs and notice how I didn’t grasp even the most simple spelling an grammar. As I read up to the more recent blog entries I sincerely impress myself. My grasp on words and spelling dramatically increased. I have often been complimented on having an extended vocabulary and I’m not entirely sure how that came about considering that I grew up refusing homework and basic English fundamentals. However I have always been a writer and had an active imagination. I suppose reading more advanced and complex books helped me get to the point of having a better vocabulary. In my older blog I didn’t use words with their proper spelling and definition. One prime example is the word “which”… I was writing in the tense of specific where the correct spelling would be “which” but in older entries specifically the ones from my high school days I used the spelling “witch”. That specific spelling is proper for a woman who is believe to have evil or magical powers, a witch is a common and popular Halloween Costume theme. There is a huge difference. Its a prime example of how knowing and utilizing proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling can be extremely beneficial. I am not a huge fan of the English language and using the proper fundamentals when it comes to writing and speaking.

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