Writing Prompts Day 6

  1. My zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality: My zodiac sign in Leo and once upon a time when I was really into the New Age and Paganism scene I thought that it fit my personality quite well. However, upon to converting to the Catholic Church I had to choose to give up my interest into astrology as it is a form of fortune telling.
  2. What band or musician is more important to you: This one is a very hard and complex question as I don’t just have one musician that I am extremely fond of. When I was a teenager I was obsessed with Kurt Cobain from Nirvana because his music was raw, absolutely random lyrics that in an odd way I felt like I related to. Then I went through a phase of being obsessed with Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd during my early 20’s when I was really into getting high all the time. And during that time I was able to just get trapped into the music the lyrics fit the phase I was going through and instrumentals was very calms.While I was at Job Corps I used to fall  asleep listening to the Dark Side of the Moon album. Wish You Were Here was another amazing album. I’ve always been very against the was so The Wall was very relatable when it came to my feelings towards the war and it also fit the phase in which I was getting into the conspiracy theories… and the album fit my mindset towards it all.
  3. Write a poem (12 rhyming lines) about getting increasingly drunk:

The tab we pop

Shots we will swap

Dance to hip hop

Enjoying the bop

Be careful not to drop

Loosing at the flop

Someone climbs to the top

Another jumps missing the clock

But landing with a plop

Vomit in the kitchen, get the mop

Someone shouts stop

Its over busted by the cops


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