Writing Prompts Day 7

  1. Your favorite childhood toys: Most of my childhood memories that involve playing with toys include either the Fisher Price little people and barbies. I loved to have the opportunity play out peoples lives, marriages, having children, deaths, etc… as an adult I’ve considered it a “God complex” despite the actual definition of the God complex. As an adult I enjoy playing games where I control the lives of people. I’m a huge “Sims” fanatic… I haven’t put it on my computer since I fixed it, however I do own several different expansion packs. So… that is my nerd status.
  2. Do you read? What are your favorite books: Yes, I love to read.. with that I have several different books that I enjoy. My all time favorite is “Running With Scissors”… its a wild autobiography that when I read it I feel less abnormal. I loved reading the Daughter of the Moon series. I’m currently reading The Pretty Little Liars series. I love random adventures and possible mythological style stories. While I have to be honest, I tend to enjoy the more easy read genres that tend to seem more High School Level.
  3. The object on your left just turned into the object on your right. Write 250 words or a 25-line poem about your reaction: To the left of me is a pillow, to the right of me is my laptop case. If the case turned into the the pillow I would start to question my sobriety. Since the items are not very dramatic I would think that I switched them out and forgot about it. I used to get high on a daily basis and things switching places while you are high is nothing unusual. I have also been extremely drunk to the point that misplacing object would go rather unnoticed. If  in the odd occurrence or random chance that I witnessed the laptop case turn into the pillow I would be rather confused and yet amazed. I would be convinced that I had been slipped some kind of hallucinate drug such as LSD or Mushrooms. I would try my best to make it history repeat itself by trying to make it happen again. I’m not a huge believer in telekinesis but in the chances that it changed before my eyes I would be convinced that me or someone else around me was blessed with the amazing ability to transform or move objects around. However, the best possible explanation would be that I was intoxicated and the objects were changed while I was not looking. Science and common knowledge can pretty much out rule that telekinesis is to be accredited for the the object turning into a pillow or switching places. However I no longer get intoxicated or high the only real explanation would be that I switched the object and forgot about it.

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