Writing Prompts Day 8

  1. A moment you felt most satisfied with your life: The moment when I completed my Confirmation to the Catholic Church. I grew up always wanting to be Catholic because my Aunt and her family was catholic. I also had an issue with being yelled at by the pastors at the many of Protestant churches did. So last Easter completing the rite of confirmation was fulfilling a childhood hearts desire which as an adult seeing your childhood dream become a reality and completed would be one of the mos ultimate satisfaction.
  2. Three things you want to say to different people: 1) Chris; its okay I’ve moved on with my life. I’d rather not have to see you. After everything you out me through I have recovered but I no longer want to know you. I’m a better person because of what we went through. 2) Deborah G; I used to look up to because of your free spirit and what I believe to be a kind heart. I struggle with your decision to the flow of other people and hate me, despite that thought I will always think of you with a fondness though. Your a very unique person with a free spirit. 3) Aimee; I’m sorry that I lost your friendship, despite it was because in my opinion you were being a total bitch. Some time people go through their things. You were awesome to hang out with and in plenty of way I think you were a good influence on me. I hope that you know I look at our memories with a special fondness.
  3. Imagine you are unable to leave the room you are in for the next 7 days. Chronicle each of the seven days, using only 50 words for each: Day 1 –  So I am here stuck in my living room and kitchen. I’m very luck that both rooms are together so I have the convenience of comfort, entertainment and food. I worry though how I will manage to use the restroom. This is probably going to be the longest week ever. Day 2 – So today I laid around and watched some television. I also played some Super Mario brothers on the Wii. I was careful not to drink or eat very much as going to the bathroom is going to be an almost impossible thing to do. Two days down only five to go. Day 3 – The cats woke me up early this morning. They are getting restless being stuck in this room. I’m a little jealous that they have the means to relieve themselves. I have to admit that the cats are not the only ones who are getting restless in this room. Day 4 – I woke up this morning with Penny cuddling and purring. I made eggs and steak for breakfast. I hate to say that the urge to use the restroom got extremely painful this evening, I was in tears it hurt so bad. Without doubt I can’t wait until I can leave.  Day 5 – This is kind of nice. I slept most of the day and then watched the most interesting movie on Netflix I could find since I have been constantly bringing on the same television show episode after episode repeatedly since I was put in here. I only have two days left. Day 6 – I have today and one more day left until I am able to get out of this room and explore the real world again! Same routine today as every day. I watched television, made some food, ate, then hung out with the cats. I have never slept so much. Day 7 – This has been the slowest moving day all week. I can not believe that at the stroke of midnight I will be free. I did however decided to listen to some music and meditate on all of the things that I have learned about myself in the past seven days.

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